With more than 30 years of experience in the world of the furniture, so much in productive facets as marketing, there had come the moment to give a step farther betting for the production of author's pieces. Always being public inspectors to our philosophy of creating products with a clear commercial orientation.

In the origin of the whole project we formulate a question: what does it transform especially to a collection of furniture? And behind this question answers began to come … The product has to thrill, has to transform daily acts into special and memorable moments, has to join the way of life of the user, has to be an attraction and to have this bonus that marks the difference in quality …

With all these ideas in mind, and a really dedicated team, we begin this exciting adventure.

Are we a medium company? Yes! And it is as well as we want to continue. They differentiate our great flexibility in the capture of decisions and to be a company in which every person counts: both our clients, and our suppliers and personnel.Have we BIG projects, big ideas, a great design and a great attention to our clients? YES! YES! And YES!

Zess began as a story of love and passion for design, and then face each of our projects. With the goal of making the final customer is excited and connect with our products. In short, we love this interaction that leads to creating products of great beauty, with a careful design and fair pricing. 
This is just the beginning ... One step FURTHER!